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This webpage has been created to allow the public to review the history of a 40B project proposed for the former Angelica's property and to check for new updates. 

The project was first proposed in the spring of 2022, but was withdrawn by August of 2022.  The same applicant then submitted an application to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a variance to allow multi-family housing in the R-1a zoning district; however, the application was withdrawn "without prejudice."  In February 2023 the Town Planner presented the results of a "General Land Area Calculation" (GLAM) to the Select Board.  The GLAM results showed that the Town could not claim "safe harbor" from Comprehensive Permit applications by proving that low or moderate-income housing existing on sites comprising 1.5 percent or more of the community’s total land area zoned for residential, commercial or industrial use.  In early April of 2023, the same applicant submitted a new application to MassHousing for a revised "40B" project.  See below for a copy of the newest application and for new updates on this project.

Timeline of Events

(September 20, 2023)

Date of first scheduled public hearing for the Villebridge Comprehensive Permit project - note the meeting date (Wednesday)is not a regular ZBA monthly meeting date.  The meeting venue for September/October public hearings will be in the Cafetorium of the Fuller Meadow School to allow more space for interested members of the public.  The public is welcome to send written comments regarding the project to the ZBA for their consideration during their review of the application.  Comments should be sent to Town Planner Katrina O'Leary katrina.oleary@middletonma.gov.  All comments received are public information and will be posted on this webpage. New information received on 9/14/2023: Presentation Slides   Building Guidance

(August 24, 2023)

ZBA reviews and approves a tentative schedule for the Villebridge 40B project review for ZBA meetings from September 2023 through April 2024. Deadlines under MGLc40Bs21& 760CMR56.00:

  • Public Hearing to be opened within 30 days of filing
  • Public Hearing cannot extend beyond 180 days from the first hearing date
  • The decision must be made within 40 days of the close of the public hearing

(August 22, 2023)

Villebridge files a Comprehensive Permit application with the Town Clerk.

(August 10, 2023)

MassHousing rules that a new Project Eligibility letter is not needed for the proposed project change.

(August 8, 2023)

Select Board approves a scope of work for the Villebridge Traffic Study

(August 4, 2023)

Request from Villebridge to MassHousing to amend their project by shifting location of parking.  Click here for copy of request

(July 24, 2023)

MassHousing issues a Determination of Project Elgibility to Villebridge for the proposed project at the corner of South Main Street and Boston Street.

(June 15, 2023)

The Select Board submitted their comments, along with comments received from residents, to Mass Housing on June 15.  Copies of both can be found under the links below.

Select Board Letter

Resident Letters

(May 2, 2023)

The Select Board is soliciting feedback on the 40B project submitted to MassHousing.  Comments can be submitted until June 13, 2023 to Katrina O'Leary (SEE NOTE ABOVE) via email (katrina.oleary@middletonma.gov) or mail (195 North Main Street, Middleton, MA 01949). The initial deadline was May 26, 2023. Anything received after June 13 will not be able to be submitted due to the deadline.  

(April 6, 2023)  

A new application for a Comprehensive Permit Site Approval Application was filed with MassHousing in early April, 2023 by Villebridge Acquisitions, LLC for the former Angelica's property.  The project site is 3.05 acres, including 10 Boston Street, a portion of 49 S. Main Street, and a portion of 18 Boston Street.  APPLICATION, SITE PLANS, ARCHITECTURAL RENDERINGS