Transfer Station Information

DATE Transfer Station Holiday Schedule 2022-2023
Saturday JUL 16, 2022 BRUSH DAY at the Transfer Station     8:00 AM -  3:30 PM
Monday JUL 4, 2022 INDEPENDENCE Day     CLOSED
Sunday, DEC 25, 2022 CHRISTMAS DAY     CLOSED
Sunday, JAN 1, 2023 NEW YEARS DAY     CLOSED

Transfer Station Stickers

  • Transfer Station stickers cost $125 for the first car in the household, and $25 per each additional car in the same household this includes use of the recycling area. Recycling stickers should be purchased if you want to recycle only, for a fee of $25.
  • Transfer Station stickers are available ONLY to owners of vehicles registered in Middleton.
  • Stickers may be purchased by visiting our online portal here or be purchased via regular mail (form available by clicking here).  This requires a copy of the registration of the car that the sticker will be affixed to.
  • The Transfer Station Sticker is only valid for the vehicle it was issued
  • Stickers must be permanently attached to the vehicle front window in the lower left corner in such a way as to be easily visible to the attendant. Stickers may not be taped to the window or laminated and kept in the vehicle. If you need to transfer the sticker to a different vehicle, you must remove the sticker from the old vehicle and bring it and your new registration to the Treasurer's Office for a replacement sticker.
The attendant may stop a vehicle any time to confirm that the registration on the
sticker matches the registration on the vehicle.

  • Only residential refuse generated with the Town of Middleton will be accepted at the Transfer Station.
  • The attendant has the right to randomly inspect loads in a reasonable and responsible manner and turn away any material that seems to be obviously commercial or contain hazardous or other unacceptable material. The attendant may also turn away loads that seem too large to come from a single residence.
  • Any individual who accidentally or intentionally creates litter will have the responsibility of cleaning it up.
  • All trash must be bagged
Electronics Disposal
Electronics (televisions, computer monitors, computer equipment, microwaves, etc.) may be disposed of at the Transfer station for an additional fee of $25.00 per item. Residents may purchase an Electronics Sticker which should be affixed to each individual item. These stickers can be purchased at the Tax Collector's office at Memorial Hall during their regular business hours.  The item may then be brought to the Transfer Station and given to the station attendant for disposal.

Bulk Item Disposal

Bulk Items (furniture, mattresses) may be disposed of at the Transfer station for an additional fee of $25.00 per item. Residents may purchase a Bulk Item sticker which should be affixed to each individual item. These stickers can be purchased online at the Town of Middleton website or via regular mail. The item may then be brought to the Transfer Station and disposed of properly, notifying attendant of sticker on item.
Examples of Bulk Item would be, but not limited to:
  • Sofas
  • Head boards
  • Recliners
  • Foot boards
  • Desks
  •  Mattress/Box springs
  • Carpet (up to 10 rolls 4’ long)
  • Dressers
  • Day beds

Unacceptable Waste

The following material will not be accepted at the Transfer Station:
  • Ammunition or other explosives
  • Any barrels or other containers that hold or once held hazardous material unless inspected by the Transfer Station Operator to insure that they are empty
  • Construction and Demolition waste
  • Hazardous material including but not limited to gasoline, pesticides and herbicides, chemicals, oil based paint and mercury containing products such as thermometers and florescent bulbs, car batteries. (Many of these materials can be disposed of at Hazardous Waste Days or other periodic events.)
  • Infectious or medical wastes
  • Recyclable material
  • Sealed containers including gas cylinders, animal carcasses, radioactive material, liquid or slurry waste of any kind regardless of packaging or labeling
  • Sewage waste or sludge
  • Tree stumps, boulders, rocks, stones, dirt or other non combustible material

Mandatory Recycling

The following materials will not be accepted at the trash compactor but have designated containers or areas within the Transfer Station:
  • Brush will be accepted on scheduled collection dates
  • Container glass separated into clear green and brown items (Note. window glass, drinking glasses, dishes and light bulbs must go in the compactor.)
  • CRTs (Cathodes Ray Tubes), computers, monitors and video games.
  • Leaves
  • Paper including newspapers, magazines, phone books, junk mail, paperboard boxes and cardboard
  • Passenger car and light truck tires (Limit two per month)
  • Plastic - All seven grades of container plastics
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Scrap metal
  • Tin and aluminum cans
  • Used motor oil
  • White goods (appliances), however, Freon bearing appliances are prohibited (Freon bearing appliances must be evacuated by a certified vendor before disposal in metal bins)
If any section of these regulations shall be deemed illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such action shall not effect any other section of the regulations.

Violators of these regulations may have their transfer station sticker revoked or have other enforcement action taken against them.