Snow Removal Policies & Procedures

The Town of Middleton Public Works Department has available five trucks for road de-icing efforts and eight trucks for snow removal operations. Contracted equipment and operators are also utilized on a regular basis to clear roadways.


To report un-plowed or un-sanded streets, please call the Public Works Department at 978- 777-0407.

Plan of Operations

  • When the snow starts falling, road de-icing equipment is first used to apply chemicals to keep roads safe.
  • After three" of snow has accumulated on the streets, the snow plowing operation begins for the duration of the snowstorm.
  • When the snow stops and the roads are clear, road de-icing chemicals are again applied on all streets to prevent "freeze-ups."
  • Department personnel then start clearing sidewalks and walkways of Town buildings.

Parking Bans

  • An overnight parking ban on all Middleton streets is in effect from December 1st through April 15th between the hours midnight and 6 a.m.
  • When snow warnings are issued, residents are requested to keep their vehicles off all streets to expedite plowing operations and to prevent damage to private vehicles.


The Town is not responsible for damaged lawns, fences, steps, shrubs, trees, and especially mailboxes that are located within the street layout. Residents are urged to drive stakes with reflectors along the edge of lawns.

Sidewalks & Driveways

Plow vehicles, while employed by the Town cannot be hired or requested to clear driveways or walks.


For your convenience, sand may be obtained by residents at the Public Works Department garage for emergency purposes.