Business Certificate Filing (D/B/A)

According to Massachusetts General Law, c110 §5, any person conducting a business in the Commonwealth, individually or as a partnership, under any title or name other than the actual name of the person conducting the business, must file a Business Certificate (DBA) with the Clerk of the town or city in which the business has an office.

The fee for filing a Business Certificate in Middleton is $50.00 and it is valid for 4 years. If the business continues to operate at the end of 4 years, the Certificate must be renewed.

A Business Certificate must include the full name and residence of each owner; the location of the business, and the name under which the business is conducted. It must be signed by each owner, in the presence of the Town Clerk or a Notary Public, after providing satisfactory evidence of identification.

You may file your Certificate in person at the Town Clerk's Office or by mail. If you wish to file by mail, complete the application and sign in the presence of a Notary Public. Mail it along with a check in the amount $50.00 payable to the Town of Middleton.

Business Certificate Form

Business Certificate (Statement of Change)

If a business is discontinued, or if the information related to the business or the individuals conducting the business changes after the original filing, a statement of change must be filed with the Town Clerk’s Office in which the original business certificate was filed.

The fee for filing the statement of change is $10.00.

If you are unable to appear at the Town Clerk’s Office; complete the form and sign in front of a notary.  Mail form with payment to the Town Clerk’s Office for processing.

Business Certificate Change Form