Subdivisions & Special Permits


Special Permits

View or download the Special Permits Rules and Regulations (PDF).

Planning Board Fees

Plan Type
Approval Not Required Plans (ANR) $50 plus $100 per new lot created
Preliminary Subdivision Plan $100
Definitive Subdivision Plan With approved preliminary less than 2 years old fee is $2,000 plus:
$500 per lot shown on preliminary plan
and / or
$1,000 per lot not shown on preliminary plan
Providing Adequate Access to Existing Lots $300
Definitive Subdivision Modification $200 plus  $100 per lot changed
Performance Guarantee Posting/Reduction/Request to Release $100
Special Permit $100 per unit  
Zoning Bylaw Amendment Petitions $200 plus the cost of legal notice requirements

Note: Fees listed above do not include any required fees for abutter's lists, postage, legal advertisements, and/or consultant fees