Frauds & Internet Crimes

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Types of Con Games & Sweet Talk Crimes

Pigeon Drop

This scheme accounts for more than half of the confidence games reported to Police. The swindlers claim to have found a large sum of money and offer to share it with you. Your are asked to withdraw "good faith" money from your bank. The swindlers take the "good faith" money and give you a phony address where you are to collect your share of the money. You never see them again.

Bank Examiner

A phony bank examiner contacts you and asks for your help in catching a dishonest bank employee. He asks you to withdraw a specific amount of cash from your account so that he may check the serial numbers. After turning over your money to the examiner, you never hear from him/her again.

Door to Door Sales

Many door-to-door sales are not legitimate, Call the Police Department (978)774-4424 to make sure that the group has properly registered and has a valid identification in plain view. Deal with these people at the door step, do not invite them in.

Mail Fraud Schemes

Consumer Frauds

Beware of contest which require you to put up money to win, even if there is a guarantee that you will be a winner.

Home Improvement Offers

Beware of tempting home improvement offers, made through the mail or on-the-spot. These offers are a popular type of swindle.

Chain Referral Schemes

These schemes offer a commission for buying one item and selling additional ones to a friend. The products are usually over priced and difficult to sell.

Retirement Estates

Any retirement estate offered a conspicuously low prices to "lucky" individuals are usually fraudulent and should be avoided.

Business Opportunities

Business opportunities and work-at-home schemes which promise high profits after a substantial investment or registration fee are often fraudulent.

Medical Frauds

Fake laboratory tests, miracle cures, and mail order clinics, etc. are other ways schemed to defraud you. Legitimate doctors and hospitals do not advertise through the mail.

The Obit Column Sting

Fast-buck artists send surviving spouse bills for phony debts, purchases, etc. If you get an unfamiliar bill after the death of a loved one, check it out before you pay.

We remind you to never rush into something involving your money or property, beware of the something for nothing or the get rich schemes.

Never sign a contract until you and your lawyer, banker or other expert has thoroughly read it. Never turn over larges sums of money, especially strangers, not matter how promising the deal looks.

Remember to report all suspicious offers to the Middleton Police immediately, before the swindler leaves town in search of other victims.