Fire Prevention Division

The Middleton Fire Department Fire Prevention Division is made up of a team of firefighters who review engineered building plans for all life safety systems; conduct the inspection and testing of any fire protection systems, sprinkler or detection installations, modifications, repairs, or alterations. The Fire Prevention Division also works closely with the town building department, health department and zoning departments to ensure that all proposed or existing occupancies are constructed and in compliance to meet the minimum codes, regulations, and standards. 

Having a Fire Prevention Division that is effective is not only important for serving the citizens of the town, but it is critical in serving fire suppression personnel. The early efforts of the Fire Prevention Division during the construction of a new building can help "shape the battlefield" when an emergency incident does occur. 

The Fire Prevention Division is also responsible for issuing permits as mandated by MGL Chapter 148, 527 CRM Board of Fire Prevention Regulations, and 780 CRM which is included in the Massachusetts State Building Code. The Fire Prevention Division also handles any inspections that may be needed with the issuance of a permit. 

The Middleton Fire Department Fire Prevention Division is lead by Fire Lieutenant Daniel Kessel who is assisted by Firefighter David Thibault and Firefighter William Warnock. All have many years of experience and expertise.

To get in touch with our Fire Prevention Division you can call 978-774-2466 ext.1504 or email us at