Complete Street Accomplishments


  • In 2015, Middleton received word that the Middleton Complete Streets Policy (PDF) had been chosen as one of the top ten best2014 policies in the nation!
  • A fully looped walking path is included in the Natsue Way Recreation Concept Plan as a result of the Complete Streets Policy.
  • The Town holds a well attended community forum in May of 2015 with key note speaker Mark Fenton. Mark tells the "why" and "how" of making Middleton a walkable community. View Mark Fenton's Recommendations (PDF).
  • Consultant Mark Chase is hired using a Mass in Motion grant from MAPC to review all town planning documents and recommend changes that will promote the principles of the Complete Streets Policy.


  • Town submits a Community Compact citing "Complete Streets" as one of the "Best Practices" that it will work on over the next two years. Learn about the Community Compact Cabinet.
  • State announces new Complete Streets funding program on January 29, 2016 that will only be available to communities with certified Complete Streets policies. Town staff attends required program training. $12.5 million in funds will be available over a two year period. Each town may qualify for up to $400,000 per year.
  • Town receives a score of 98 from the MassDOT Complete Streets program and proceeds to Tier 2 of the program.
  • Town receives word from MAPC that they will create a $20,000 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for the Town using DLTA funds and $10,000 awarded by the state's Community Compact program. Plan will be created the summer and fall of 2016.
  • Kick-off meeting held on June 28, 2016 to start work on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan being done with assistance from MAPC.