Public Facilities Project

In June 2021, the Town voted to support the Public Facilities Project at 105 South Main Street. This webpage has been created to allow the public to review the history of the project, check for new updates, and stay informed as the project goes through design and construction.  The page is laid out in timeline format, newest to oldest. We will post periodic updates at the top of the page and we encourage you to check in frequently. 

The Project

Public Safety Building: Combined Police Station and Fire Station. Total size: approximately 40,000 square feet

Community Center/Town Hall: Combined Community Center and Town Hall. Total size: approximately 20,000 square feet. 

Town Common: The final size of the Town Common will be determined once the placement of the buildings is finalized. 

The Team

Town Building Committee: Bill Renault, chair, Paul Armitage, Nick Bonugli, Roger Bourgeois, George Dow, Kyle Smith, Frank Twiss. Ex officio members: Chief William Sampson, Chief Douglas LeColst, Jillian Smith, Justin Sultzbach, Jackie Bresnahan

Owner’s Project Manager (OPM): PCA360: Brian LaRoche, Tom Kerwin, Greg Walsh, Mike Ulichney 

Architect: Context Architecture: Jeff Shaw, Chris Logan, Peter Nelson

Construction Manager: WT Rich Company: Steve Taylor, Jon Rich, Tim Farrell, Tom Hood

Latest News about the Project

Timeline of Events

September 2023 The Committee made a recommendation to the Select Board to seek additional funding at a fall Special Town Meeting. More details can be found in the Special Town Meeting Warrant and presentation linked here.

August 8, 2023 The separately estimated construction costs by the architect and the construction manager were presented to the building committee.  The project cost at the end of Design Development phase of the project is in-line with the Schematic Design estimated cost for construction.  

June 30, 2023 The Design Development drawing sets are complete and have been submitted to the Architects cost estimator and the project Construction Manager to estimate the project cost.  The architect is beginning the Construction Document phase of the design of the project. 

May 8, 2023 The project is in the Design Development phase.  At the end of the phase in July, the project will be estimated by both Context Architecture and by W.T. Rich Company (Construction Manager).  W.T. Rich Company contract is expected to be fully executed on May 16, they will begin with pre-construction services on the project for a limited fee. The Committee has hired an Environmental Consultant to assist with permitting activities within regulated buffer zones of the Bald Eagle Nest, a Federal Incidental Take Permit will be filed this month.  Site plan review is expected to be filed in June for the project.  

March 29, 2023 The Committee prequalified, received proposals and interviewed five Construction Managers for the project. The Committee voted to enter into negotiations with the top ranked firm, W.T.  Rich Company.  

March 27, 2023   The committee decided that cutting scope or program was not a viable option to get the project back to budget without significant impacts to the project.  In order for the project to meet the current needs of the Town and into the future that it would be necessary to increase the construction budget. The committee will work on further project savings by making adjustments to the site plan design and will pursue grants, earmarks and appropriations to minimize the overage during the next few months.  The Committee will  ask the Town in a Special Town Meeting in the Fall for additional funding for the project.  The project will be re-estimated by both the Architect and Construction Manager in July.  The project was voted by the MBC to proceed into the Design Development phase.

March 16, 2023  The Schematic Design (SD) scope was estimated by Context Architects estimator at $59,774,338. The estimate was more than $12M higher than the construction budget of $47,975,139.  The Committee reviewed possible cost savings measures that were presented by the team. 

January 30, 2023   The design team continues to work on the building layouts as well as the placement of the buildings on the site. Sub-specialties are now beginning their work. Most recently, the Town Building Committee met with the mechanical designer to evaluate HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) options and select the types of systems and energy sources that will be employed. The Committee decided to pursue all-electric buildings. This decision reflects the future of energy; it also takes into account the low electricity rates offered by the Middleton Electric Light Department (MELD). All of this work is done in concert with the Town Building Committee and the Owner’s Project Manager (OPM), the Town’s agent on the project. 

We previously reported on the beneficial interest rate we received when we borrowed for the project. We borrowed in November 2021 at an average interest rate of 2.05%. With the increase in interest rates since then that decision looks better every day. Roselli, Clark & Associates, the Town’s CPA and auditor, estimates the Town saved about $30 million in interest costs over the life of the loan. That savings is passed directly to taxpayers. 

We have all heard about increases in construction costs and inflation throughout the economy. Our building project is not immune. This has led the design team and the Town Building Committee to take a close look at all aspects of the project. That process continues. 

The Building Committee is using the construction manager at risk (CMR) delivery method for this project. Under CMR the construction manager is brought on early and works directly with the architect on the design of the buildings. This collaborative process results in fewer change orders once we get to construction. For more information on CMR go to The Building Committee has recently embarked on the CMR selection process. 

September 12, 2022  The design team is wrapping up space and programmatic planning for the two buildings. Layouts of the buildings are being drafted based on the space and program planning. As the building layouts evolve they are being overlaid on the site plan to show where they sit in relation to each other, the street, and abutting properties. A public presentation was made on July 28, 2022 and another public presentation will be held this autumn. We expect to break ground in the second half of 2023. 

As noted below, the Town received a very low interest rate when it borrowed for this project. The low interest rate environment was one of the factors in our favor in 2021 when we asked Town Meeting and the voters to approve the project. We borrowed in November 2021 and received an average net interest rate of 2.05%. Recent similar borrowings by Massachusetts municipalities have been around 3.5%. Our financial advisors calculate taxpayers will save over $16 million over the 30 year life of the loan.

July 19, 2022   The design team led by Context Architecture is currently undertaking space and programmatic planning for the two buildings. This will inform the overall square footage of each building. A public presentation is scheduled for July 28, 2022 at 6PM at the Flint Public Library. Context will present a draft layout of the site. The Town Building Committee and Context welcome comments and feedback.

May 31, 2022  The Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General issues a notice to proceed to the Town to utilize the construction-manager-at-risk (CM@R) delivery method. CM@R establishes a partnership between the design team and the general contractor. This generally results in a better project, fewer change orders, and more budget certainty.

April 5, 2022  The Town awards a design contract to Context Architecture of Boston, MA. Context and its team will design the buildings and site improvements.

March 22, 2022  The Town awards a contract for owner’s project management (OPM) services to PCA360. The OPM works for the Town and provides specialized expertise in the oversight of the design, construction, and fit-up of the buildings.

November 30, 2021  The Town sells 30-year bonds to finance the project. The sale is awarded to Fidelity Capital Markets at an average net interest rate of 2.05%. 

July 19, 2021  Members of the Town Building Committee were appointed.  The committee will steer the design of the buildings.

June 12, 2021 Annual Town Election ballot includes a Proposition 2 ½ Debt Exclusion question. This allows the Town to levy additional taxes to fund the debt service of the Public Facilities Project. The question passed 1,009 to 522. 

June 5, 2021 Article 22of the Annual Town Meeting authorizes borrowing $61.7M for design and construction of the Project. The article passed 280-48.

May 2019 the Master Development Planning Committee (MDPC) was established

March 19, 2019 Special Town Meeting the town voted to buy the Middleton Golf Course for $3.8M