Master Plan 300 Visioning

Community visioning for a Town master plan like the one the Town of Middleton has undertaken is a process whereby a community evaluates its historic and present-day assets, and imagines how and where it should grow in order to leave a legacy for the next generation. Visioning helps residents and business owners identify overarching priorities for the preservation, enhancement, and growth of different areas, and sets the tone for a wider array of more specific master plan elements and goals.


The Visioning Report for the Middleton Master Plan (PDF) was developed based on feedback from advisory committee meetings, community workshops, stakeholder outreach efforts, and feedback from pertinent departments. The planning process and staff analyses were conducted by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) with funding from the Massachusetts Community Compact program. Supplemental funding was provided from the MAPC Planning for MetroFuture Technical Assistance (PMTA) and District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA) programs.
Middleton Massachusetts Master Plan 300
Letter from Master Plan Committee