Outdoor Water Restriction Level

Posted on: August 16, 2017

Middleton Moves to Level 4 Water Restrictions



The  Town of Middleton announces a change in outdoor water restrictions for  municipal water users to Level 4 due to low flow in the Ipswich River.  Level 4 drought conditions allow outdoor lawn & garden watering with  sprinklers and/or irrigation systems on Tuesday and Saturday ONLY, from 7:00PM to 10:00PM. Hand watering (hand held hoses with nozzles and watering cans) is allowed anytime. Car washing is also allowed.

The  Town is requesting residents to watch for changes in the water  restriction levels as the summer progresses. The Town announces changes  on signs posted throughout the Town, local cable access television and  the town website (www.middletonma.gov). 

DPW  Water Division staff actively enforces all water restrictions in  Middleton.  Per Town Code, Chapter 230, Section 4, the Town issues  warnings for initial violations which escalate to a $50 fine for second  violations and a $100 fine for all subsequent violations in a calendar  year.  More information regarding the Irrigation/Outside Water bylaw can  be found via the following link: http://ecode360.com/10440476?highlight=irrigation#10440476

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